Robin Williams - Be Free Genie

Image credits to TripleM and AlaadinMusical

Robin Williams was a great actor, comedian, and inspiration to all. Unfortunately he recently died, but he will be remembered for ages to come. His works have impacted many audiences, not just in the U.S., but in the world.

This tragedy is a reminder that everyone has problems-even those who may not seem like they do. Depression is a hard illness for people to deal with, and it took the life of a beloved actor. Some of my favorite works from Robin Williams includes:


Mrs. Doubtfire


He's of course had many other great movies as well-Popeye, Good Will Hunting, and One Hour Photo. He still has three movies to come out in theaters before his career has officially ended-Merry Friggin' Christmas, Night At The Museum: Secret of the Tomb, and Absolutely Anything. I don't know how promising these movies will be, but at least we still have all of his other works to enjoy.

A comedian, movie actor, television actor, Broadway actor, and member of his community-Robin Williams will be missed.