Final Fantasy Games - Which is the best?

You all may know what is called, "Final Fantasy", which is a franchise by Square Enix with a series of RPG games. Essentially, these are the best RPG--anime hybrid games designed by Japan you're ever likely to find! There are a total of sixteen mainstream games (two of which are main sequels) along with other countless spin-offs that are confusingly not in the chronological order of the rest of the games but still somehow connected to their counterparts. Look below for all of the logos of the main games.

Those are all of what I consider to be the main games. Other titles were released for console or handheld games based on a single character or some weird hybrid. However, that is all irrelevant, and I do not consider them to be a part of the main series. For the sake of RPG games based on story-lines, I also do not count XI or XIV (11 or 14, both online) to be true games of the series since they are online based.
So...which of these games are the best? Well it depends on the criteria, obviously, but for the most wholesome answer...I'm not sure. Not yet anyway. Join me on this blog as I plan to play through each version of the game (minus the versions I said I do not consider as a part of the series), and I will review each game singularly and then come back to a decision!

Are you a die-hard Final Fantasy fan? Tell me which one is your favorite in the comments below!