Objecto - Chapter 9: "The Carnival"

Previously on Objecto...

???: "Call me Daelia."

Daelia: "The box was empty, but I was the charm that came along with it. I come with the box. As a result you are going to be having nightmares. You have a significant power as well. Each day, you are required to kill a person. If you don't, those closest to you are going to die. But, suicide is such an easy way out. You are now immortal. The explosion was a part of the ritual of giving the object to you. The object is giving you these powers, you hold great responsibility. All I can do, is sit here and watch."

Daelia: "Chris, you're going to kill someone. Or...Hallie is going to die."

And there was Hallie.

Hallie: "Chris?"
Chris: "Hallie?"

Why is she here?

Suddenly, she grabbed me and held me tight.
This is when it snapped, perhaps I really was going to have to kill someone tonight.
Would I kill someone? For...Hallie? 
But Hallie was only a nurse I've seen twice and have asked out.
Somehow I felt some kind of connection to Hallie, that I couldn't shake out of my head.

Chris (whispers): "Please pick up..."
*Someone picks up the phone*
Chris: "Hello?"
Phone: ".............."
Chris: "HELLO?!?"

Chris: "You are a MURDERER! You killed Hallie because I didn't kill anyone!"
Daelia: "That IS a part of the contract Chris. Unfortunately, you didn't follow it. Fortunately, I have an offer to make you."
Chris: "Go on..."

Daelia: "Since you're new to this, I can give you one break. It will take a lot for me to do this with my powers, but it can be done. I will send you back in time and undo what has been done to Hallie. In addition to this, I will also give you an extended time period with Hallie to make sure you know how much she is worth to you. This will cost you though...You will have to murder more people once the contract begins again."

Why should I trust this 'Daelia' in the first place?!?!

Chris: "What if I don't take this offer?"
Daelia: "If you don't take my very generous offer, you will go outside, likely be arrested, and be put in prison for who knows how many years. Then, at night something will enter your cell and brutally mutilate you and you will end up in hell where you'll face eternal torture for your actions."

That's pretty steep...................................Wow.

Chris: "I guess I will take your offer Daelia...but..."

Suddenly, there was a flash of bright light.

Hallie: "Chris, don't you remember? You asked me on another date and it was for today. It was because you stood me up last time and you said to come right into the house, so you wouldn't forget to go out with me!"
Chris: "I don't remember..."
Hallie: "Well, you said it!"

What is actually going on here? I REALLY don't remember this going on at ALL.

She is a strange woman, but she fills me with so much harmony. I've hardly known her for that long, but I feel as if she was meant to be with me forever. I'm...in...love.

Reporter: "Today in the news, a woman has been massacred by a man with red hair, described as slender and average. He was last seen wearing dress clothes."
Reporter #2: "It is believed to be said that the suspect lives in the neighborhood of Sunset Falls, the metropolis that boomed and was built after Sunset Valley began to become too expensive to expand. The two neighborhoods are next to each other and neither had ever experienced a massacre quite like this one, let alone any murder situation. Police will be searching for the suspect all day."

Reporter: "If you have any suspicions or information, please call the police station and give them your concerns. "
Never let your guard down, that's when you get taken advantage of.

Chris: "Hallie, it's so sudden that we had to go out. I really do not remember talking to you about it."
Hallie: "Well, we're here now, so I guess it's not a big deal anymore."

This is all so strange. I've only known her for about two weeks and I'm already in love with her? Does she feel the same for me? 

Chris: "Well, I could have gotten dressed. Especially since we're at a carnival."
Hallie: "I got excited! Besides, no one here is going to give you any crap."

Chris: "I think I am recovering from what happened."
Hallie: "You're not having any dreams? Any flashbacks? Anything at all?"
Chris: "Not that I am aware of..."

Should I tell her? No...it's in my head...

Hallie: "Chris, you know you can tell me anything and I won't begin to pass judgement. I'll help you get through this."
Chris: "There's really nothing wrong."

Hallie: "Alright, but make sure you keep seeing Robert."
Chris: "Okay  Hallie. What do you say we get some fair food?"
Hallie: "Okay, you lead the way!"

Hallie: "You go ahead. I'll be in the bathroom for a little while."
Chris: "Okay."

I'm glad that I found a girl like Hallie...even if I had to be cursed with a demon or whatever. Or be insane and hallucinate. Whatever happened. 

Police Officer: "Sir, can you sit still for a second? I need a good look at you."
Chris: "Alright..."

Police Officer: "I've found him. Yeah, unarmed from what I can see and extremely dangerous."


Police Officer: "You're under the arrest for massacring Barbara Thinwell. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say and do will be used against you in a court of law."


Hallie: "When thy awake, thy shall mistake. Thy will pay, for what thy has done. Thy fly and thy DIE! Sarrat Irkalli, Peta Babkama Luruba Anaku."

Police Officer: "One day scum like you will leave the world and be eaten by hellspawn because you're so cruel and gruesome. You'll be in hell soon, don't worry."

How did I even get here? I didn't DO anything. I wonder what Hallie is going to think...She's going to think I stood her up again or something. I'll never get to see her again...

Daelia: "Well, look what you've gotten yourself into."
Chris: "Me? But I didn't do anything!"
Daelia: "While you did take my offer, you still pay the consequences starting now for not completing your deal. Someone was still killed in this world as it was your job to do it. You're being blamed for it and you're going to have to wait it out a while before I help you get back out into the world."
Chris: "Are you serious?"

Why did this happen to me?
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