Objecto - Chapter 6: "An Ultimatum"

Previously on Objecto...

I picked it up, and it read:

"I have much compassion and understanding as a man, but I can no longer bear it.
Even I will rather burn in hell, than go through what I have with this.
You don't notice it yet, but I have left it in your own possession.
It begins...tonight.
I'm sorry."

A chill went up my spine.

A bright flash is all I saw before I went unconcious. 

I proceeded to wake up in the hospital the next day.

How could there be nothing in this box?

Chris: "Hallie would you like to go to dinner some time?"

???: "Great, we're playing this game now, are we? WE'VE BEEN THROUGH THIS. My name is Gerderk. I am your mother and you are going to have to give me some kindess and respect before you expect to do anything you want to do!"

Gerderk: "How about you get blamed for MURDERING your own mother?"

She took a pair of scissors and stuck it in her. 

Gerderk: "This oughta teach you a lesson! HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Suddenly I began to feel dizzy and that is when I fell over. 

???: "Call me Daelia."

Daelia: "The box was empty, but I was the charm that came along with it. I come with the box. As a result you are going to be having nightmares. You have a significant power as well. Each day, you are required to kill a person. If you don't, those closest to you are going to die. But, suicide is such an easy way out. You are now immortal. The explosion was a part of the ritual of giving the object to you. The object is giving you these powers, you hold great responsibility. All I can do, is sit here and watch."

Choosing quickly will always result in the wrong choice, without thought.

Chris: "Well, if this is true..."

Are you kidding me? This isn't true, this guy must be following me!

Chris: "Quit stalking me, 'Daelia'".
Daelia: "I've told you, I come with the box."

He broke into my house AND managed to follow me. Who is this guy?

Chris: "If you don't leave, I will be getting a restraining order, now if you'll excuse me, I am going to my counselor."
Daelia: "As you wish, Chris."

Suddenly, a shiver went up my spine.

Chris: "Don't you think I..."

Where did he go?
I'm just going to get out of here, the counseling is going to help a lot.

Okay Chris, it's just a counselor and Hallie said you might need it.

Counselor: "Hello Chris, sit down please."

Chris: "Hello...uh..."
Counselor: "My name is Robert."
Chris: "Hello Robert."
Robert: "Begin by telling me a bit about yourself."

Chris: "Well, my name is Chris Gerard, and I am 26 years old. I have a well paying job as a Sales Representative from the Electronics company here in town and I...just want to talk through some things. I'm so glad Hallie got me to talk to a counselor."
Robert: "Yes, well uh, Chris there's something you should know. I am not a counselor, I am a psychiatrist, I thought Hallie would have told you."

But why would...Hallie do that?

Could she have possibly known?

Chris: "I don't know how comfortable I am with being here now."
Robert: "Chris, let me reassure you, you don't have to be insane to have a psychiatrist, in fact I recommend it at least once a year for the healthiest people. Clearly you've got something going on. You should tell me about it."

Chris: "Well, all I can say is that a car crashed into the house across the street from mine and ever since I've been...off?"
Robert: "How so, Chris? Could you go into depth?"

Should I tell him? 
No, who am I kidding. He's here to get a paycheck and ship the loonies off to asylums.

Chris: "Okay, so I've just been a little dizzy lately and a lot more tired. But, I don't think the doctors noticed anything wrong with me."
Robert: "Well, how much have you been sleeping...?"

Chris: "About 7 hours a night, as I always have."
Robert: "Try about 10 hours a night from now on. Also, I am giving you a leave from your job. I know the session was short today, but it was introductory. I have a busy day ahead of me. Go ahead and give me a call if you want to tell me anything. We'll meet again next week. Also, Chris?"

Chris: "Yes, Robert?"
Robert: "Don't hide anything from me. You will NOT be treated correctly, if you do so."

That's what he wants me to think.

Chris: "I have nothing to hide Robert, I am telling you everything I can at this point. I need some more time to heal."

Suddenly my world stopped. And Daelia appeared before me. 

Daelia: "Chris, you have to kill someone today. You don't want me to do it for you...that wouldn't be good."
Chris: "You can burn in hell, Daelia. I am not following whatever sick thing you want me to do! I am going to the cops!"

I didn't mean this, I just wanted to leave. But, my body just froze, and I couldn't control a thing.

Daelia: "Chris, you're going to kill someone. Or...Hallie is going to die."
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